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At New Breed Athlete®, we believe in training AT THE NEXT LEVEL® . We coach people who are part of a new movement in the fitness industry. Our athletes are bold. Our athletes crave a challenge. Our athletes make health a top priority. Our athletes are unstoppable. We adapt to fluid, always evolving fitness goals by designing responsive workouts built for the champions we train. At New Breed Athlete, we never settle.

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We firmly believe a heavy bench press or back squat means nothing if you can't run a 5k. And a fast 1/2 marathon means nothing if you can't deadlift properly. We believe in building stronger, faster, more durable and more mobile human beings.



We  use proven training methodologies, intelligent program design and strategic progression to develop the best athletes. Our unique and always evolving combination of mobility drills, strength and conditioning and endurance focused programming delivers an unmatched training experience.

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