If you truly want to be at the peek of badassness and fitness...train with New Breed Athlete. The workouts never get dull or boring and don't turn into the same old repetitive nonsense that people fall into at the gym. I was so sore for the first few days and by week three, I was pissed when I didn't get to work out on our off days.


Every week had become a new challenge and a blast to be a part of. Thanks New Breed Athlete for making people stare in amazement as we torture ourselves day in and day out at the gym.

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I am a married 41 year old mother of two active kids and I work full time. It's not easy to keep a regular workout schedule. New Breed Athlete takes into account what I have available as far as time and equipment and sets up workouts around that. I enjoy trail runs, GORUCK and ultra running.


My overall goal is to be a functional athlete, capable of doing a variety of events. I feel like both my strength and cardio have improved since starting my remote training. New Breed Athlete is very responsive and available for consult. Love being a New Breed remote athlete!

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"Take your fitness, strength and overall condition to a new level! Learning to enjoy the grind and finding abilities you didn't know your body was capable of! Coach Long of New Breed Athlete will get you there in the most professional and knowledgeable way!"

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Whether it’s to play with your kids without losing your breath, change the water cooler at work with ease, rock a sculpted body after 40, or kill the competition in a race, New Breed Athlete knows exactly what to do. There is an amazing feeling of “whoa” after your sessions, knowing that what you just finished was a secret tailored plan to kill your specific weaknesses and make you more resilient than yesterday.
New Breed Athlete's fine tuning has turned me into a world class athlete, qualifying for Obstacle Course Race World Championships multiple times and placing 10th for my AG last year. At 5’4”, we’ve killed my issue with jumping over 8 foot walls, while also being able to carry the family fully stocked cooler with ease. New Breed Athlete coaching will make you feel comfortable and treat you with respect at any fitness level.
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New Breed Athlete's remote workout program is AMAZING. I have always struggled to stick with a workout program and to keep my focus during various routines. New Breed Athlete's workouts provide exactly what I want to keep me focused and engaged every week.
Watching my body change has been exciting, but noticing my increase in strength was even more exciting. If you told me six months ago that I could use 20# dumbbells, double my squat weight, complete hundreds of REAL burpees, push-ups, pull-ups and handstands - I would have laughed in your face. These workouts are incredible. Coach Kyle at New Breed Athlete is professional, understanding and dynamic with each and every workout.
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