Makeup for the Theatre: Beginning Makeup , DR 15A

This course is designed to provide theory and techniques of makeup for the theatre. Types of makeup application include straight, age and character makeup, as well as facial hair application. Laboratory sessions and work on a makeup crew for college productions or a special project are required.

Introduction to Stagecraft , DR 19A

This course is an introductory lecture, demonstration and laboratory experience focusing on stage scenery production. An introduction to stage costume, lighting, and sound production are also included. Participation on construction crews for Theatre Arts productions is required.

Principles of Stage Design , DR 19B

This course is a study of stagecraft design, stagecraft research techniques, and stagecraft production organization as it pertains to scenery, lighting, sound, and costuming. Students study the aesthetics, practical applications, and the principles of set, sound, lighting, and costume production as it applies to theatre performance. Participation in backstage crews for Theatre Arts productions is required.

Scenic Painting, DR 20

This course is a study of scenic painting techniques. The course focuses on the tools materials and techniques of the scenic artist for live theatre.

Stage Sound , DR 21

This course is a study of theatrical sound production. The course introduces the theory and practice of sound design and engineering and practical experience with a variety of sound equipment.

Stage Lighting , DR 22

This course is a study of stage lighting for live theatrical production. Stage lighting technology and lighting design principles are explored. Practical application of lighting principles is emphasized.

Stage Costume: Costume Construction I, DR 23A

This course is a study in costume construction and the basic techniques needed to create simple garments for the stage. Emphasis is placed on hand and machine sewing as well as recognizing essential elements found in traditional patterning and finished garments. These skills will provide the student with the necessary knowledge to implement hands-on activities in support of theatrical productions.

Scenic Construction, DR 24

This course is an intermediate course in scenic construction. Students study tools, materials, and techniques used in the construction of scenery for live theatrical performance. Emphasis is placed on traditional construction techniques using wood, metal, and plastics.

Technical Theatre Portfolio I-4, DR 40A-D

These courses are an introductory through advanced series of courses in the development of the technical theatre portfolio. These courses focus on the creation, documentation and critique of portfolio projects, and the process of seeking employment in technical theatre.

Theatre Production: Crew, DR 25A

This course is a laboratory in rehearsal, performance and production crew work, with emphasis placed on solving the problems of production by preparing plays for public performance.

Traditional Theatre Production: Crew, DR 44B

This course is a course in rehearsal, performance, and production crew work where emphasis is placed on solving the problems of production by preparation of public performance for a traditional theatre audience.

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