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Josh, One of Our Athletes

BREEDX weekly workout programming has put me in the best shape of my life.

BREEDX℠  Online Training

Effective, Affordable Workout Programming - Available Anywhere, Anytime

Plans To Guide You

BREEDX brings the powerful added touch of professionally designed workouts to your regular training routine.

Variety To Challenge You

Never be bored. Quality, challenging & always unique workouts. Teams available for different goals & fitness levels. 

Structure To Push You

Input goals, track progress, access video tutorials  and engage in Q&A with your Coach to stay accountable.



Review the available BREEDX teams and choose the best fit for you. 


Create a New Breed Athlete account, select your subscription plan & BREEDX team.


Within 24 hours or less you will receive an invitation to log into the web based app where you can access your workouts, log results, watch movement tutorials and engage Coach support.

Woman looking at workout programming on phone
Fit Girl

Personalized,1:1 Coaching 

Anywhere in the World

Don't Settle For Less, Train With The Best

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